Welcome to My Online Dating Profile!

Hello, and congratulations on finding my online dating profile website!

Here you will find information on how to set up your best online hookup sites correctly, so that you nearly always get a response when you send an email out.  Girls will even leave messages on your dating profile if done correctly.

Throughout this blog you will find a wide variety of topics ranging from broad general topics like my golden rules, to more specific topics dealing with small aspects of the different dating sites.

I have no doubt that if you take the time to go through and apply the theory’s listed herein, you will have an insanely easier time getting girls to go out with you or give you their numbers.

The information here has been collected from many sources and refined over time, weeding out some and stressing the really important bits.

A lot of the information on this blog is based in pickup theory, which has been refined over decades by thousands and is absolutely proven effective.  I have taken what I deem most useful and applicable to online game from hundreds of pick up sources and put it in one place to make the ultimate online dating profile repository of information.


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